The 25th International Trade Fair of Student Firms Prague
From 20th to 22nd March 2019

Application form

Before you start filling in the application form, that that you have known all following information. Application forms without correct information will not be accepted.

  1. Please prepare invoice data and contact information about your company, your school and your class teacher.

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(In case you do not know your code, please contact your Central Office. Without a valid P. F. code it is not possible to take part in the fair.)

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Teacher's contact


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Description of the exhibition stand

Description of the exhibition stand is the same for all participants.

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3rd row - School name and address.

Application for competitions

*We are applying for the following Trade Fair´s competitions:

 Stand Catalogue Presentation of your firm Company of the Trade Fair

Next competitions:
 Instagram competiton „Return to the Future“ 90 SECONDS IN A LIFT

*Would your teacher like to take part in rating of the competitions?

If so, please fill in contact information about an evaluator:

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Application for cultural programme

Do members of your student firm have any acting, singing or other talent by which they could contribute to the culture programme? Are you interested in representing your region or your city? You have an oppurtunity to enrol in the culture programme and help us enlive the main programme of the Trade Fair. We are looking forward to your prospective performance!

Dance perfomance
 National dance Traditional dance Gymnastic Aerobic Hip Hop Breakdance

Live musical perfomance
 Solo singing Choir singing Solo play on musical instrument School band

Martial arts
 Judo Karate Tai-Chi

Company presentation

Have you not found your skills? Tell us more about them.

Important conditions

Attendees of the Fair Trade are aware that they will appear on photos and videos made by Antre company or its partners. Personal data will be used just for Antre s. r. o. and it's partners purposes. We, Antre s.r.o., are commiting, that your personal data will not be provided to the third parties. By submitting the application you agree to pay an application fee to the bank account mentioned in Propositions.*

General notes:

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